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The APPLET tag specifies that a Java applet will run in the web page. The applet itself is written in a language called Java and is compiled. Only a Java enabled browser can run the compiled program or applet in a web page.


<APPLET CODE="classfilename" CODEBASE="classfiledirectory" ARCHIVE="archivefile" ALT="alttext" ALIGN="left|right|top|absmiddle|absbottom|texttop|middle|baseline|bottom" HEIGHT="height" WIDTH="width" HSPACE="horizmargin" VSPACE="vertmargin" MAYSCRIPT NAME="value">


CODE attribute needs to reflect the filename of the applet. Java class files end with the extension .class
CODEBASE is the directory containing the applet class file any any other files needed. The value will be either an absolute URL which will over-ride the documents BASE tag. A relative URL will be relative to either the documents BASE tag (if used), or the directory of the current document.
ARCHIVE directory to be downloaded to the user's disk. The file extension has to be .ZIP, but shouldn't be a compressed file. The browser will search the archive file for the class file named in the CODE attribute.
ALT is the alternative text to be displayed if the browser does not support the use of the APPLET tag.
ALIGN See the Alignment page for full details.
HEIGHT & WIDTH specify the height and width of the applet. You can use either an absolute value which is measured in pixels, or a percentage value which specifies the height or width as a percentage of the parent window, frame or block of content. The applet will be scaled to fit the specified height and width. By including the height and width settings, you ensure that the applet will be displayed by Java-enabled browsers will be able to display it properly.
HSPACE specifies the horizontal space in pixels, between the applet and surrounding text. This value has to be an integer and not a percentage.
VSPACE specifies the vertical space in pixels, between the applet and surrounding text. This value has to be an integer and not a percentage.
MAYSCRIPT allows the applet access JavaScript. If the applet needs to use JavaScript, then not using this tag will generate an exception.
NAME gives the applet a name, so that if you have different applets in the same window, they can communicate with each other. It also allows JavaScript/scripting languages to identify different applets.

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