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Html Tag Preformatted

PRE - fixed width, preformatted text

Description :

The PRE tag displays preformatted text in a fixed-width font. The PRE element displays all white space and line breaks exactly as they appear inside the <PRE> and </PRE> tags. Using this tag, you can insert and reproduce formatted text, preserving its original layout.

This tag is frequently used to show code listings, tabulated information, and blocks of text that were created for some text-only form, such as electronic mail messages and news postings.

Unlike the XMP and PLAINTEXT tags, the PRE tag does not suppress interpretation of other HTML tags. Since the PRE element interprets HTML tags, you must use special symbols for any character that has a meaning in HTML that you wish to be displayed rather than interpreted.

All PRE elements start on a new line, preceded by extra space.


<PRE COLS="columns" WRAP>....</PRE>


COLS specifies the maximum number of characters that fit on a line. This effectively turns on wrapping, and lets you specify the line width in characters.
WRAP specifies that wrapping should be turned on, so that all lines fit inside the browser.
The UNIVERSAL ATTRIBUTES can be used with this tag.

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