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Html Tag Paragraph

P - paragraph

Description :

The <P></P> tag displays a paragraph. All P elements start on a new line and are usually preceded by extra space.

You can also use the P tag to insert a line break with extra space. To insert a line break without adding extra space, use the BR tag.

The closing </P> tag guarantees that the paragraph is followed by extra space. Omitting the closing </P> tag often has no effect, especially if the P tag is being used as a line break (that is, the paragraph has no content), or the paragraph is followed by an element that starts on a new line and is preceded by extra space.

But you should remember that not using closing tags could cause problems if you were to convert your HTML document to XML, for example.




ALIGN = specifies the horizontal alignment of the paragraph.
The value can be one of these:
LEFT = aligns the paragraph flush left (the default).
CENTER = centers the paragraph.
RIGHT = aligns the paragraph flush right.

The UNIVERSAL ATTRIBUTES can be used with this tag.

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