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Html Tag Ordered List

OL - ordered list

Description :

The OL tag displays an ordered, or numbered, list. The default numbering style is determined by the browser, but you can use the tag's TYPE attributes to change the numbering sequence and numbering style. Use the LI tag to designate the individual list items.


<OL START="value" TYPE="A"|"a"|"I"|"i"|"1">....</OL>


START specifies the starting number for the list. The number must be a positive integer.
TYPE specifies the type of numbering sequence used for each list item. The value can be one of the following:
A specifies a sequence of uppercase letters
a specifies a sequence of lowercase letters
I specifies a sequence of uppercase Roman numerals
i specifies a sequence of lowercase Roman numeral
1 specifies a sequence of numbers.

The UNIVERSAL ATTRIBUTES can be used with this tag.

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