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Html Tag Object

OBJECT - embedded object

Description :

The OBJECT tag can be used to embed a variety of object types in an HTML page. Among these types are plug-ins, Java components, ActiveX controls, applets, and images. OBJECT tag attributes determine the type of object to embed, including the type and location of the object's code, and the type and implementation of the object's data.

The OBJECT tag supports alternative representations if the browser is not capable of supporting the object. The OBJECT tag can contain other HTML attributes, including other OBJECT tags, nested between its opening and closing tags. If the browser supports the object, it ignores all the nested HTML except the PARAM tags. If it does not support the object, it parses the nested HTML but ignores the OBJECT and PARAM tags.


<OBJECT CLASSID="classFile" DATA="dataLocation" CODEBASE="classFileDir" TYPE="MIMEtype" ALIGN="alignment" HEIGHT="pixHeight" WIDTH="pixWidth" ID="name">


CLASSID is the URL of the object implementation; this is similar to the CODE attribute of the APPLET tag. This URL is used by the Java Archive Installation Manager (JIM) if a plug-in is not installed or registered on the user's machine. Since CLASSID works like PLUGINURL for the object, it can use JIM to find and install a plug-in to handle the object. If there is no CLASSID attribute for an unhandled object, it is ignored, and the nested HTML (if any) is parsed.
DATA specifies the URL of the object's data.
CODEBASE is the directory containing the object class file and any resources needed by the object. The value is a URL for an absolute or a relative pathname. An absolute URL is used as is without modification and is not affected by the document's BASE tag. A relative CODEBASE attribute is relative to the document's base URL defined by the BASE tag. If the document does not define a BASE tag, it is relative to the directory containing the HTML file. For OBJECT tags that are treated as plug-ins, CODEBASE is synonymous with the PLUGINSPAGE attribute of the EMBED tag.
TYPE specifies the MIME type of the embedded object.
ALIGN see alignment page.
HEIGHT specifies the height of the area to be occupied by the plug-in. The units are determined by the UNITS attribute. The default is pixels.
WIDTH specifies the width of the area to be occupied by the plug-in. The output from the embedded file is scaled to fit the specified height and width. The units are determined by the UNITS attribute. The default is pixels.
ID specifies the name that JavaScript can use to refer to the object; this is equivalent to the NAME attribute of the APPLET and EMBED tags.

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