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MAP - mapping info for image map

Description :

The MAP tag contains information about the active areas in an image map. An image map is a graphic that can be divided into multiple areas, and each area of the map can point to a different URL. When a user clicks a specific area in the image map, the browser loads the URL associated with the clicked area.
There are two different kinds of image maps: server-side image maps and client-side image maps. For server-side image maps, the mapping information is written in a separate file that resides on the web server.


<MAP NAME="mapName"> <AREA ...> ... <AREA ...> </MAP>
The NAME attribute is required. Between the <MAP> and </MAP> tags you must put the AREA tags that define the areas in the image map.


NAME specifies the name of the map. Use this name preceded by # as the value of the USEMAP attribute of the IMG tag for the image map.

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