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Html Tag Isindex

ISINDEX - searchable index

Description :

The ISINDEX tag causes the web page to display a text entry field in which the user can type a string. The intent of this tag is that it "switches on searching" in the page, but in reality, this tag is useful only if the page is generated by a CGI program.

The intent is that when the user enters text into the text entry field and presses the Return key (or clicks an appropriate button on the browser), the CGI program is invoked again, with the arguments generated from the data in the text field. The browser outputs a new page whose content is determined by what the user entered in the text field.

The CGI program should test for the presence of arguments. If there are none, it should display a default page that includes the ISINDEX tag in the header. If there are arguments, the script does whatever it needs to do. The string entered by the user is the first argument, and the language your script uses determines how you access the first argument.




PROMPT specifies the text that appears as the search prompt in the browser.
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