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Html Tag Frame

FRAME - window region

Description :

The <FRAME> tag creates a frame, an individual, scrollable region of a web page. The <FRAME> tag has to be used within a <FRAMESET> tag. The value of the attribute SRC must contain a valid URL.


<FRAME BORDERCOLOR="color" FRAMEBORDER="yes|no" MARGINHEIGHT="marginHeight" MARGINWIDTH="marginWidth" NAME="frameName" NORESIZE SCROLLING="yes|no|auto" SRC="URL">


BORDERCOLOR specifies the colour of the frame's borders.
FRAMEBORDER specifies whether the frame has visible borders or not.
YES gives an outline 3D border. (DEFAULT)
NO suppresses the 3D border.

MARGINHEIGHT specifies the margin (in pixels) between the top and bottom edges of the frame and the frame contents.
MARGINWIDTH specifies the margin (in pixels) between the left and right edges of the frame and the frame contents.
NAME specifies the name of the frame. Must begin with alphanumeric character. Allows the frame to be identified.
specifies that the user cannot resize the frame. Adjacent frames on the same edge of the non-resizable frame will also not be resizable.
SCROLLING specifies whether scroll bars are available on a frame.
YES scrollbars are always available.
NO scrollbars are never available.
AUTO scrollbars are only available if needed. (DEFAULT)

SRC specifies the URL for the document to be displayed in the frame. The URL cannot include and anchor name. If this attribute is not specified, the frame will be empty.

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