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Html Tag Font

FONT - face, colour and size

Description :

The <FONT> tag allows you to specify the colour, size and typeface (font family) of the font. The text between the opening and closing <FONT> tags will be displayed with the selected characteristics. If <BASEFONT> has been used to set the base font, then the changes in size will be relative to that, otherwise they are relative to the default browser font.


<FONT COLOR="colour" FACE="faceName" FONTSIZE="pointSize" SIZE="size" WEIGHT="boldness">Text goes here...</FONT>


COLOR specifies the colour of the text.
FACE specifies a comma-seperated list of font faces. The browser will use the first face in the list if available, if not it will use the second and so on. If none are available, then the face change will not take place. It can be a specific font name e.g. 'arial' or generic e.g. serif, sans-serif, cursive, monospace and fantasy.
FONTSIZE specifies the pont-size of the font exactly.
SIZE specifies the relative font size in a range from 1 to 7(biggest), with 3 the default. You can also specify the font size with a plus or minus to indicate size in relation to the base font size.
WEIGHT specifies the weight or boldness of the font. The value can range from 100 to 900, in steps of 100. (900 boldest)
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