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Html Tag Embed

EMBED - embedded plug-in

Description :

The <EMBED> tag displays the output from a file that is executed by a plug-in. The ouput is displayed as part of the HTML document. An application is written so that it can be integrated into the browser, or 'plugged-in' to act as an extension to the browser. You must use either <SRC> or <TYPE> attributes so the browser can determine which plug-in to use. Additionally, the user must have th appropriate plug-in installed in their browsers, else they will not be able to view the results of running the embedded file. If the user opens a page and it contains an embedded object which needs an uninstalled plug-in, it will ask the user if he or she wants to load and install the appropriate plug-in.


<EMBED SRC="location" TYPE="MIMEtype" PLUGINSPAGE="instrURL" PLUGINURL="pluginURL" ALIGN="left|right|top|bottom" BORDER="borderWidth" FRAMEBORDER="no" HEIGHT="height" WIDTH="width" UNITS="units" HIDDEN="true|false" HSPACE="horizMargin" VSPACE="vertMargin" NAME="pluginName" PALETTE="foreground|background">....</EMBED>


SRC optionally specifies the location of the plug-in by its URL.
TYPE specifies the MIME type of the EMBED tag which specifies which plug-in to load. Visible plug-ins require HEIGHT & WIDTH attributes if TYPE used.
PLUGINSPAGE specifies the URL that contains the instructions for installing the plug-in if not already installed.
PLUGINURL specifies the location of a Java Archive (JAR) file, which is a compressed collection of files. This would invoke the JAR Installation Manager (JIM), rather than loading the URL into a window. It is recommended that PLUGINURL is used over PLUGINSPAGE, as if both specified, PLUGINURL takes precedence.
ALIGN specifies the alignment for the embedded plug-in.
LEFT aligns to the left (DEFAULT).
RIGHT aligns to the right.
TOP aligns to the top.
BOTTOM aligns to the bottom.

BORDER specifies the size of the border around the plug-in, in pixels.
FRAMEBORDER specifies that the plug-in has no border.
HEIGHT specifies the height of the area required by the plug-in. The units are determined by the UNITS attribute. Default is pixels.
WIDTH specifies the width of the area required by the plug-in. The units are determined by the UNITS attribute. Default is pixels.
UNITS specifies the unit of measurement for the plug-in. Pixels (default) or en (half the current point size)
HIDDEN specifies whether the plug-in is visible on the page or not. The default is FALSE (not hidden), whereas if TRUE, then this overrides any HEIGHT & WIDTH settings to zero.
HSPACE specifies a margin, in pixels, between the left and right edges of the plug-in and surrounding content.
VSPACE specifies a margin, in pixels, between the top and bottom edges of the plug-in and surrounding content.
NAME specifies the name of the plug-in. This name can be used by JavaScript to identify it.
PALETTE specifies (MS Windows ONLY) that the plug-in should use either the FOREGROUND palette or the BACKGROUND palette (DEFAULT)

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