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Html Tag AREA - of an image map

AREA - of an image map


The AREA tag describes an individual area in an image map. An image map can contain several 'clickable' areas, each with it's own destination URL if required. The AREA tag must be used within the MAP tag.


<AREA COORDS="coords" SHAPE="circle|rect|polygon" HREF="location" NOHREF TARGET="windowName" ONMOUSEOUT="outJScode" ONMOUSEOVER="overJScode" NAME="areaName">
COORDS must be specified, as must one of either HREF or NOHREF.


COORDS values depend on the value of the SHAPE tag. If SHAPE not specified, then assumed to be default which is RECTangle. The coords for this would be x1,y1,x2,y2 where x1,y1 are the values of the upper left corner of the rectangle, and x2,y2 are the coordinates of the lower right corner.
SHAPE specifies the shape of the map area. The possible values are:
CIRCLE specifies a circle, where COORDS would be "x,y,r" where x,y are the coordinates of the centre of the circel, and r is the radius of the circle.
RECT specifies a rectangle. It is also the default shape if SHAPE isn't specified. COORDS would be x1,y1,x2,y2 wherex1,y1 specifies the top left corner of the rectangle, and x2,y2 specify the bottom right corner.
POLY or POLYGON specifies a polygon of up top 100 sides. COORDS would be x1,y1,x2,y2,.....x100,y100 where eachxn,yn pair specifies a point where two sides of the polygon meets. The final xn,yn pair is connected to the first point, thus closing the polygon.

HREF specifies the URL to link to when area is clicked.
NOHREF specifies that no URL is linked to when area is clicked.
TARGET specifies the frame or window that the destination document is loaded into (where the value of HREF is a URL that points to a document.
ONMOUSEOUT specifies the JavaScript code to execute when mouse is moved out of the area.
ONMOUSEOVER specifies the JavaScript code to execute when the mouse is moved over or into the area.
NAME specifies the name of the area, so JavaScript can identify the area objec

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